About - Rickey Singleton
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The Biography of Dr. Rickey Singleton

The Apostle of Purpose, Grace and Supernatural Empowerment.

Dr. Rickey Singleton, the Pastor and Teacher of The Spirit of Grace Church International, received his calling to the Pastoral office at the tender age of eighteen, when he subsequently founded and organized The Whole Truth Pentecostal Church of God in Harvey, Illinois. However, the life and direction of what Pastor Singleton would preach was forever transformed, after the intention of God manifested in his life at 1:00 a.m., when the Grace message was revealed to him while reading E.W. Kenyon’s book, “The Two Kinds of Righteousness.” The scripture that exploded within him bringing revelation light into his spirit was 2nd Corinthians 5:21, “For he hath made him to be sin for us who knew no sin: that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” Based on this scripture and overwhelming demand from the general public, The Word of Faith Fellowship was established by Dr. Singleton in 1984 in Riverdale, Illinois. Having a strong foundation in prayer and an unusual anointing for signs and wonders, Word of Faith saw tremendous growth while being established in the Grace of God.

Pastor Rickey Singleton’s natural savvy in radio broadcasting was a strong catalyst in the hand of God in making his name become prominent and well known. He flourished in his following and notoriety through his pioneering and powerful radio broadcasts. Pastor Singleton’s passion and commitment for empowering people as well as his keen leadership skill was recognized at a very young age and from the age of 18, was confirmed many times over in his sweatless ability to attract a large following in a very short time. Based on the revelatory scripture that transformed his life and ministry, and backed up by an overwhelming demand from the general public, in 1984, he established The Word of Faith Fellowship in Chicago, Illinois.

With a strong foundation in prayer and an unusual anointing for signs and wonders, Word of Faith Fellowship saw tremendous growth while being established in the Grace of God. Having outgrown the facility on the Southern end of Chicago, God opened the door for the Word of Faith Fellowship to move in to a larger facility at a new location; 12844 South Halsted Street, in the metropolitan area of Chicago. This address proved to be the foundation for the Grace Message and manifestations of personal empowerment. At this location, there were 3,000 active members and the active services expanded to 7 services per week. A strong growth in the message of the Grace of God was witnessed through documented signs, wonders and miracles too many to mention, such as the dead being raised up during the services. This added undeniable weight and credibility to the teaching ministry of Pastor Rickey Singleton, and the Word of Faith Fellowship, exceedingly so, to where, in 1996, Pastor Rickey Singleton was bestowed a Doctor of Divinity degree from Friends International Christian University, a Word of Faith Bible Institute Affiliate.

Word of Faith Fellowship solidified itself as a strong entrepreneurial church by obtaining most of the property around their church such as strip malls and movie theaters and Singleton even owned and operated WEMG 102.3 FM, which was the first African-American congregation to obtain an FM station in a major market. With signature shows such as Grace Alive and The Everlasting Message of Grace, God established Dr. Singleton as one of the premier men of God in the United Stales. When WEMG sold in 1997, it had tripled in value!

Unfortunate events led to the need to completely relocate the church. Dr. Singleton was led by God to an unoccupied church in Burnham, Illinois (The former Iconium Full Gospel Baptist Church). He contacted the pastor to set up a meeting and within 30 days the church was in his possession! This included 3 acres, related living and the sanctuary which is all valued at 1.2 million dollars.

The Burnham Church was like starting all over again. A great majority of the membership left, but God never did. God began to establish the calling of the church by changing the name to Grace Church International and establishing The Entrepreneurs Network as a way to empower the people in entrepreneurship. The church increased in entrepreneurship and grace and God continued to increase Singleton’s anointing in preaching by revealing to him the message that he must take to the city, the nation and the world. Thousands of revelations, signs and wonders have been done to the glory of God!

2001 brought the birth of RICORP DISTRIBUTION, which is a distributor of Food Service Products. Ricorp Distribution is currently the distributor of Richard’s Supreme Ice Cream and Golden Kernel Popcorn. Dr. Singleton is the manufacturer and distributor of these delectable products. The ice cream and popcorn products of Ricorp are in heavy demand in hundreds of Walgreens stores, small grocery stores and several convenient stores. Once you taste these products you can’t help but be hooked. Ricorp Distribution also houses several Richard’s Rolling Stores, which is another innovation of Dr. Singleton that brings fresh, piping hot food right to your door. These distinctive rolling stores host picnics, parks and other special events. Ricorp Distribution has truly made Dr. Singleton’s name popular for this day and time.

Today, Dr. Singleton is charged by God to take the everlasting and life transforming message of the Grace of God to the city, the nation and the world and He being a pioneer in multifaceted methods of bringing the message of Grace and the good works of purpose and supernatural empowerment® to the church. Based upon a revelation given in one of his sermons, Dr. Singleton was led to change the church’s name to, “The Spirit of Grace Church International” also known as, The Grace Church, a bold branch of the Body of Christ armed with a likeminded corporate purpose: to supernaturally reveal God’s purpose and plan, to dispense His gifts of Grace to all, so that God can receive the glory that is due to his name.

Dr. Rickey Singleton is available to speak at entrepreneurial conferences and venues.