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The subject of sin is the most misunderstood topic in the world. Both religious and non-religious people do not understand what sin truly is, and as a result, they use it as a battering ram to keep people under the control of religious doctrine. This turns many people away from the religious worship houses of today and was never God’s intent in the first place. I mean, if it was, then what did Jesus Christ die for?

This book clears the air about this topic in a way that explains exactly what sin is, the impact of it in the world and how Jesus Christ’s death actually removed it to where now, we are renew our perception of what sin is and what type of sin that we are actually dealing with in our lives today. Believe me, when you read this book, you will come away with a freedom that you’ve never known before and a new level of responsibility borne not out of the Law, but out of love and gratitude for what God, through Christ, accomplished just for you.

Shame is one of the most undetected and overlooked obstacle in every person’s life. Yet, its painful impact dramatically defines how far you believe you can go in life and it usually does so in your childhood. The effects of shame are far reaching, all the way from youth into adulthood because we were all taught what is “right” and what is “wrong” about us and about our lives; especially by religious or opinionated people. And the “knowledge” of what is wrong with us throughout our lives has caused a lot of people to stagger along the way, to where they fail to become what God has actually ordained for them to be, because of the shame- based opinion of the people around them. Is this you?
Have you struggled with feelings of shame or inadequacy when you are faced with the responsibility of what God has called for you to do? Do you struggle with feelings of inferiority that keep you from moving forward toward the best that God has for you? Then this is written especially for you. This book answers the question, “Who Told You That?” In other words, you will learn WHO told you that you were not good enough to be used by God. In this book, Dr. Singleton explores the real origin of shame and the impact that it has had on your life so that you can understand how it grabbed hold of you, and recognize shame for the lie that it is, and then, be empowered by God to let it go. Through what you are about to read, you will see that you were taught to be ashamed and you will also come to realize that you no longer have to be ashamed nor allow shame to cause you to spoil your game one more day.

Why is it taking so long for you to experience the manifestation of what was promised to you by God? This book will help you discover that it is not God that’s been behind the delay. The lack that you’ve been experiencing in your life is a symptom of something much more serious than you think. But, it is also something that you can overcome. You just need to know what it is. This book is the key that will unlock the mystery of what is delaying the manifestation of what you’ve been believing God for, and how God intends for you to bring that dream or promise to pass in your own life through His power, when everything else that you’ve tried hasn’t worked. And guess what? It’s easier than you think.

There are a lot of answers in the world but there aren’t any that reveal what God’s specific purpose is for your life. You may have a house, a car and a family who love you; and things may be going pretty good for you right now but are you really living your best life without doing what God has called you to do? Do you really believe that by doing what you think God wants you to do, you are alright with Him? Do you suppose just going to church whenever you have services that this makes you pleasing to God? This book will show you just how important doing what God has called you to do is to your personal and business success in the world by uncovering not only what God wants you to do with your life, but how He wants you to do it so that you can experience real and lasting success in every area.

This book deals with being caught in Inertia and what to do about it. Have you ever wondered why is it that once you’ve put things on hold and become inactive, normally, you just can’t get things started again? You became inactive by a force called inertia that grabs ahold of you and produces a stronghold in your mind that strips away the ability to develop the motivation to get going again. It makes you become so comfortable with being inactive that you become fixed in a stationary position. This book exposes the truth behind excuses and inertia and how to break free from them.

You are important. You are vital. Understand that God has already put the very spirit of greatness in you. But it will take teaching and application in order to bring it out to where God will see fit to give you the ability to handle more, to produce more and to make more. In order to continue passing on to the higher-grade levels in life, it is your obligation to learn and master the tools you will need to succeed in life. Where you are in life is your responsibility. You have the same opportunity as everyone else to make effective changes in your lifestyle, in your financial condition, and in your relationships and to dominate in life, rather than allowing life to dominate you. This book will outline how to do just that, and that is, to build a personal brand that allows you to reign in life.

A foundational book that defines and outlines the basic fundamentals of what faith is, what faith is not and how to truly walk the faith walk with practical applications for successful living.

This is the book that uncovers the missing link between giving and biblical prosperity through entrepreneurship and how the practice of entrepreneurship is vital for economic success and for the purpose of God to be fulfilled in the earth.

The excellent follow up book to “God Wants You To Be An Entrepreneur which focuses on creating wealth and new money with a particular emphasis on investing in real estate and its benefits.

This book deals with the formerly taboo subject of the monthly menstrual cycle of women and its impact on interpersonal relationships. The “Monster” book was written from a man’s perspective to promote understanding between men and women regarding this subject and is a book that everyone can identify with. This book is unique because it is done in a story form related to all, not merely a medical perspective. Recommended reading!

Rickey Singleton Books: publications that bridge the gap between entrepreneurship, self mastery and the art and science of how to obtain the success in life that God has ordained for you to achieve.