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2 Kinds of Sin

The subject of sin is the most misunderstood topic in the world. Both religious and non-religious people do not understand what sin truly is, and as a result, they use it as a battering ram to keep people under the control of religious doctrine. This turns many people away from the religious worship houses of today and was never God’s intent in the first place. I mean, if it was, then what did Jesus Christ die for?

This book clears the air about this topic in a way that explains exactly what sin is, the impact of it in the world and how Jesus Christ’s death actually removed it to where now, we are renew our perception of what sin is and what type of sin that we are actually dealing with in our lives today. Believe me, when you read this book, you will come away with a freedom that you’ve never known before and a new level of responsibility borne not out of the Law, but out of love and gratitude for what God, through Christ, accomplished just for you.

How to Handle Trickle Trouble

The most prevailing question on Earth is “Why do bad things happen to Good People?” In fact, in this world bad things are happening to just about everyone. At some point in your life, it seems like one thing after another, after another, after another, happens. And when it does, most people either think that it’s them, or that they are just experiencing a stream of “bad luck”, or in the church nowadays, they blame it on the devil. A lot of people say, “The devil is busy!” not realizing that the devil has no control over what they’re going through at all, nor does he have the right to just arbitrarily bring things on people.

God used Job as an example of a person who had integrity. He used him as an example of a person who did not have a double mind. God said to satan, “I’m going to show you someone that does not have a double mind.” In scripture it states that a man that has a double mind is unstable in ALL of his ways, meaning that this person has a mind of evil. You have two minds; a mind of good and evil. What is actually one mind that has two characteristics. Now there is another mind that God wants you to have and that is a mind of Good. This book is the definitive guide on how to handle and tackle trickle trouble.

Confident in the New You

How many of you can say that you were led by God out of one place for you to go into another place, but here you are, stuck right in the middle of that journey but haven’t entered in yet? Well, God has something better for you. The Key is to Think Big Now for Bigger Results Tomorrow. For you to get from where you are to where God has called you to be, you need to think big where you are. To achieve bigger results tomorrow, you need to think big today. This book will uncover why you can and should be confident in the you that you are today.

Rickey Singleton Books: publications that bridge the gap between entrepreneurship, self mastery and the art and science of how to obtain the success in life that God has ordained for you to achieve.